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Value Added Tax

Dear Customer,

As announced by department of taxation the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have VAT (Value Added Tax) implementation starting January 01, 2018.

The department of taxation (GAZT) have already started to collect data on the company registration for VAT filing and returns. The deadline for registration is December 28, 2017

Kindly find Red Sea Gateway Terminal Certificate of Registration: VAT registration certificate and please share with us copy of your respected company registration at

Alternatively, please feel free and ask us at: ­­­­ and we will endeavor to give you further insight much as possible

Appreciate your quick response and thank you for support



At RSGT we understand that for you to manage your business, you need instant answers to your logistic queries, 24 hours a day. That’s why we have created our e-services “e-track” and “e-TOD (CFS)” offering instant access to your vital information via our website.

E-track Our web enabled application that provides vital tracking information for all our terminal stakeholders, including shipping lines, agents, trucking companies and consignees. Allowing them direct access, to monitor and act upon data relevant to their operations.

This includes:
  • Vessel schedules and berth information
  • Container details, status and history
  • Gate activity
  • Truck transactions
  • 24//7 easy access for our clients and customers to US via the internet.
  • Fast response to requests.
  • Reduction of the paperwork.
  • Feedback facility

For General Inquiries Contact:

Customer Services Department

Telephone: +966 2627-3111


Berth Plan

Berth is the term used in Ports for designated location where a vessel may be moored, Usually for the purpose of loading and unloading. Which is a large flat area with assigned cranes/equipment to transfer cargo to & from shore. There are different types of berth found in large ports namely Container berth, Bulk, General cargo etc…berths are designated by the management of a facility (e.g., port authority, harbor master) basis their type and assigned to berths by these authorities.

Most berths are alongside a quay or a jetty (in large ports) or a floating dock (in small harbors and marinas). Berths are either general or specific to the types of vessel that use them. The size of the berths varies from 5-10m for a small boat in a marina to over 400m for the largest Container ships.

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RSGT Frequently Asked Questions


List of Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I access information about the following?

 Container Status

 Vessel Schedules

 Inspection Details


  1. By visiting our website and click on the E-Track page, or by clicking here

  2. Or by downloading our RSGTApp on your smart phone


Q2. How do I know the invoices are issued?

A2. invoices are issued after Customs inspection completed


Q3. What is the process of invoices payment by bank transfer?


  1. Consignee should transfer the amount in RSGT Bank account according to provided invoice

  2. Later on submit the receipt at RSGT front desk or send the receipt by email to

  3. Container will be released accordingly


Q4. What is RSGT Bank Account details?


Account No.: 577608010017187
IBAN SA5980000577608010017187
Account Name: Red Sea Gateway Terminal Company Limited
Bank Name: Al Rajhi Bank
Branch Code: 577
Address: Al Andalus St., Al Suhaily Center, PO Box 605, Jeddah 21421, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Q5. How do I get my invoices from RSGT?

A5. By proceeding to RSGT finance front office and ask for the invoices or request it from RSGT invoice by email ( )


Q6. How do I know if my container are ready to deliver?

A6. By communication with RSGT customer service team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 920007025


Q7. How do I know if my container load permit issued?

A7. By communication with RSGT customer service team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 920007025


Q8. How do I get the seal number of my container?

A8. By communication with RSGT customer service team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 920007025


Q9. What are the formalities required after payment in order to load the container on the nominated vessel?

A9. After payments, the holds on the containers will release directly to load on the nominated vessel, and if the vessel already sailed the customer should bring to RSGT front office the manifest in English.


Q10. How do I raise a complain?

A10. Send an email to and RSGT Customer Service Representative will open a case in RSGT system


Q11. How do I check the vessel arrivals?


1. By visiting our website and click on the E-Track page, or by clicking directly here

2. Or by downloading our RSGTApp on your smart phone


Q12. When can access my container status on RSGT applications using Bill of Lading?

A12. After the container discharged from the vessel or entered RSGT terminal


Q13. What Additional services are available at the Terminal?

A13. Please contact RSGT Customer Service team to provide the best service required


Q14. What vessel are in port? When will my vessel arrive or depart?

A14. Find estimated vessel arrivals and departures in our vessel schedule link


Q15. How do I access to RSGT?

A15. Please contact RSGT Customer Service Representative on 920007025 or for more guidance and to advice with the required documents


Q16. How are shipping lines calling RSGT?

A16. The following shipping lines:

  • 1. MAERSK Line
  • 2. CMA-CGM
  • 3. COSCO China Shipping
  • 4. UASC

Q17. What are working hours for RSGT front office?

A17: We are available all days. Please refer to Q4 and Q5 above for details


If you have any questions, comments or interesting ideas, The Red Sea Gateway team would be delighted to hear from you. Just fill in your information and send it to us.



RSGT, Terminal Operations Division, has been registered to comply with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System (Certificate# 23364) & ISO 10002:2014 for Customer Satisfaction (Certificate# 23365)for the following scope “Container Terminal Operations which includes: handling vessel discharge and loading, documentation management, planning berth, vessel and yard, handling manpower and equipment, gate receiving and delivering”. The certification provided by Universal Registrars is accredited by the American International Accreditation Organization (AIAO-BAR)

The initiation for certification is prompted by Operations commitment to provide efficient management processes, clearly setting out areas of responsibility across the organization. It confirms our commitment to ensure consistent and sustainable service to all RSGT Stakeholders.

The ISO certificate is confirmation not only of ISO compliance but a symbol of RSGT’s passion in its quest for high quality and safe services striving for service excellence - both external and internal customers.

Mobile Application

Red Sea Gateway Terminal has been introduced to the Jeddah Islamic Port with a vision to be an engine of growth by providing world-class container logistic solutions, port development and operations to the region.

RSGT always takes the time to find ways to reach out to clients, providing basic information that will be useful for them as individuals and as a company. With this in mind, RSGT takes the lead in the band wagon that is Mobile Applications as these are the most common means of communication in the current business world, bearing this in mind RSGT Mobile Apps was designed and set in motion.

The Mobile Tracking Solution Apps provided by RSGT provides users with real-time information on the go. Whether you are a shipping line, agent, trucking company, or consignee, you will have instant access through your smart phone from anywhere in the globe to monitor the data which would enable you to keep track of your precious cargo.
If you wish to download the APP please do so through your smartphones. Search Key is RSGTAPPS: