Terminal Features

Equipment and Facilities

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Redefining Standards

To enhance trade and competitiveness, terminal operators must be innovative, enhancing offerings and standards, both efficiently and economically.

Our terminal, the flagship of Saudia Arabia’s leading port occupies more than 500,000 square meters of Jeddah Islamic Port and enjoys an annual capacity of 2.0 TEU. Featuring intelligent design and layout, cutting-edge technology and value-added logistics capabilities RSGT improves efficiency throughout each stage of the supply chain and enhances trade.

Best in class terminal facilities and equipment

  • Fully automated terminal featuring 
the best in class terminal facilities and equipment, and designed to meet the highest international standards
  • 4 berths including a separate feeder-berth
  • Berth designed to accommodate Mega vessels
  • A dedicated deep-water channel, 300m wide and able to accommodate next-generation cargo ships
  • A 70,000 TEU stacking yard, serviced by the world’s largest state-of-the-art cranes and most advanced terminal equipment (including the world’s largest ZMPC Quay Cranes and RTGs)
  • 2,400 reefer points, available to preserve the temperature of cooled or frozen cargo
CSD Equipments
Empty Container Handler
Quay Cranes
Reach Stacker
Terminal Tractors
Terminal Trailers
Yard Cranes
Terminal Layout

Redefining Capacity Standards

The synergies brought by the combination of RSGT’s state of the art facilities and cutting edge operational efficiency are set to increase JIP’s capacity by 2 Millions Teu’s..