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About Red Sea Gateway Terminal

Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) is the newest flagship container terminal at Jeddah Islamic Port, a world-class terminal spearheaded by the Saudi Industrial Services group SISCO, as well as the first privately funded BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) development project in Saudi Arabia with investment of USD 700 mil. The Jeddah terminal is the initial step in the company’s selective international growth. The shareholder structure includes SISCO, Xenel Industries & MMC Group.

With its Strategic location at the Red Sea, astride a critical global trade lane through which 13% of the world’s container trade traffic passes. This strategic location along with our advanced facilities and operational excellence, allows RSGT Jeddah to offer global shipping lines a unique HUB access to neighboring countries, combined with a tailored and robust gateway product, making RSGT Jeddah the largest gateway on the western coast of Saudi Arabia.

RSGT is committed to regional and global infrastructure and facility investments to better serve the growing requirements of global shipping lines and domestic cargo, and container services, as well as expanding our presence internationally in the global logistics chain through organic growth and by obtaining new concessions or acquisitions.

We succeed because our employees succeed.

RSGT History & Milestones

  • 2009

    Dec : Operation start
  • 2010

    Sep : Completion of equipment delivery
    Dec : Achieved throughput of 0.5mil TEU
  • 2011

    Jun: 1st mega vessel (14,000TEU class) handled
    Dec : Achieved annual throughput of 0.94mil TEU
  • 2012

    Jun: New inspection yard (223,000m²) received from JIP
    Dec : Achieved annual throughput of 1.34mil TEU
  • 2013

    Jun: 11 new trailer arrived
    Oct : Achieved accumulated throughput of 4.0mil TEU
    Dec : Annual throughput of 1.38mil TEU
  • 2014

    Mar: JIP certified letter for high productivity performance
    Jul : Achieved accumulated throughput of 5.0mil TEU
    Dec : 2014 Annual throughput of 1.39mil TEU
  • 2015

    Jan: Achieved accumulated 3,000 vessel calls since 2009
    Mar : Handled one of world’s largest container vessel (19,100TEUS)
  • 2016

    Jun: Achieved accumulated throughput of 8.0mil TEU
    Jul : Achieved accumulated 4,000 vessel calls since 2009
    Dec : Annual throughput of 1.59mil TEU
  • 2017

    Feb: Implement scan on discharge service
    Mar : Complete first phase berth expansion
    Oct : Complete all berth expansion
    Nov : Received 4 new SPP QC
  • 2018

    Dec: Annual throughput of 1.57mil TEU
    May-Dec : Largest Gateway market share in western region
  • 2019

    Feb: Achieved accumulated throughput of 12.0mil TEU
    Apr & May : Highest volume handled in JIP ever 182 & 195K TEU resp
    1H2019 : Highest market share in Western Province sustained
    Dec : Signed a 30 year concession to consolidate and redevelop the northern sector of JIP
Quick Facts
Million sqm of area covered
Million TEU handling capacity
of world’s largest quay cranes
Billion USD investments till 2050
Meters Quay Length
Meters Depth