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As an employer of in excess of 800 people, RSGT is committed to the vision of a healthy workplace for our employee’s and the provision of sound health advice regarding dietary needs and exercise, during 2012 a “Health for Life” campaign will be started in the Occupational Health Clinic to provide advice and monitor health issues within the workforce.


RSGT has a simple policy of “One Rule for All” when it comes to Safety we as a company do not distinguish between our employees or any other person that needs to enter the terminal as a visitor or contractor. To RSGT every person is important and everybody’s safety is our priority, we strive towards zero accidents as it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone returns home to their family safe after a working day. To do that we as a company endeavour to provide a safe working environment, and ensure that we operate our business in the safest way possible. To achieve this we are launching our “Safety Culture” program in 2012, safety is everybody responsibility and with teamwork we can protect our most valuable assets people.


At RSGT we conform to the International Ship & Port Security Code 2003, and provide a secure location for our employees and customers, due to these regulations we at times have to request information and this can cause delay, at RSGT however we have responsibilities to maintain a high level of security to protect our employees and customers.


RSGT understands that as a company our business can sometimes have a negative impact on the Environment and the local community. Therefore we monitor our environmental plans and continually assess our procedures so that any negative impact on the environment and the community is minimised, our goal is to ensure a clean and sustainable future for the terminal.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment Policy


Sea Gateway Terminal is committed to work towards an ultimate policy of zero harm to people and environment. In pursuit of this we will insure that our business activities are conducted in a manner that avoids and minimizes adverse Health, Safety, Security and Environmental impact.


The policy has been established on the basis that concern for the safety and security of our employees and guardianship of the environment are essential to the successful conduct and future growth of our business.

The objectives of our policy are:

1. Continuously improving and maintaining our Health, Safety, Security and Environment programs.

2. Prevent injuries and occupational illness to all personnel or damage to assets.

3. Make Health, Safety, Security and Environment protection a priority in our day to day activity.

4. Comply with all relevant legal requirements relating to HSSE.

5. Ensure all employees receive adequate training in Health, Safety, Security and Environment aspects.

6. Provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and information relating to the Health, Safety, Security,

7. Environment and welfare of employees.

8. The work environment is maintained as safe, secure and healthy for all personnel as reasonable as practicable.


All personnel on site, including contractors and visitors, have a responsibility for their Health, Safety, Security and Environment through:

1. Working safely and securely by following the specified codes as per RSGT guidelines.

2. Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

3. Report all kind of hazard, unsafe acts, near misses or accidents in the workplaces.

4. Taking active part in Health, Safety, Security and Environment program and related training.

5. Take part in protecting environment by reducing emissions, minimal impact on environment, energy conservation and prevention of pollution.

Management Team and Supervisors are committed to ensure employees under their direction are complying with the prevailing regulations, safe practice, procedures and guidelines established by the company

Failure to co-operate, or ignoring the regulations and guidelines, will be treated as a serious breach to Company standards in alignment with Labor Law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and disciplinary action may be taken.

The overall responsibility for HSSE at RSGT is directly with the Managing Director.

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