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About Red Sea Gateway Terminal

Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) is the newest flagship container terminal at Jeddah Islamic Port, a world-class terminal spearheaded by the Saudi Industrial Services group SISCO, as well as the first privately funded BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) development project in Saudi Arabia with investment of USD 1.7 Billion up to 2050.

RSGT is an international terminal operator representing a partnership between the Red Sea Gateway Terminal of Saudi Arabia and the Malaysian Mining Company (MMC). The combined assets, handling capacity and experience place the terminal operations among the ten largest container terminal operators globally, with a combined annual handling capacity of 20 million TEUs, and equity-weighted throughput of over 10 million TEUS.

Located at the Port of Jeddah, the Red Sea Gateway Terminal was established in 2009 as Saudi Arabia’s first private sector Build-Operate-Transfer project. Currently, with an annual container throughput capacity of 5.2 million TEUs, RSGT is providing world-class integrated logistics solutions, port operations in one of the world’s 40 busiest container ports and serves as an engine of growth for both local and regional economies.

We succeed because our employees succeed.

Our Vision

To be an engine of growth for the economy and businesses by providing world-class integrated logistics solutions, port development and operations.

Core Values



Responsible Care

Personal Ownership

Customer Centric

Focus on Win/Win
Service Minded


Good Corporate

RSGT History & Milestones

  • 2009

    December : Operation start
  • 2010

    September : Completion of equipment delivery
    December : Achieved throughput of 0.5mil TEU
  • 2011

    June : 1st mega vessel (14,000TEU class) handled
    December : Achieved annual throughput of 0.94mil TEU
  • 2012

    June : New inspection yard (223,000m²) received from JIP
    December : Achieved annual throughput of 1.34mil TEU
  • 2013

    June : 11 new trailer arrived
    October : Achieved accumulated throughput of 4.0mil TEU
    December : Annual throughput of 1.38mil TEU
  • 2014

    March : JIP certified letter for high productivity performance
    July : Achieved accumulated throughput of 5.0mil TEU
    December : 2014 Annual throughput of 1.39mil TEU
  • 2015

    January : Achieved accumulated 3,000 vessel calls since 2009
    March : Handled one of world’s largest container vessel (19,100TEUS)
  • 2016

    June : Achieved accumulated throughput of 8.0mil TEU
    July : Achieved accumulated 4,000 vessel calls since 2009
    December : Annual throughput of 1.59mil TEU
  • 2017

    February : Implement scan upon discharge service
    October : Complete the main berth expansion
    November : Received 4 super post panamax quay cranes to reach a total of 14 quay cranes
  • 2018

    December : Achieved accumulated throughput of 10 mil TEU
    May-December : Biggest gateway in the western region
  • 2019

    February : Achieved accumulated throughput of 12 mil TEU
    April & May : Highest volume handled in JIP ever 1812 & 195K TEU resp
    December : Signed a 30 year concession to consolidate and redevelop the northern sector of JIP
  • 2020

    Operation started at the northern sector of JIP
    April : Operation starts in the expanded RSGT Facility
Quick Facts
Million sqm of area covered
Million TEU handling capacity
of world’s largest quay cranes
Billion USD up to 2050
Meters Quay Length
Meters Depth