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Red Sea Gateway Terminal

P.O. Box 51327, Jeddah 21543,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A)

T: +966 12 6273000, 6273100

F: +966 12 6273180, 6273181


Customer Service

Telephone: 920007025



Jeddah Islamic Port

RSGT is strategically located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, in the Port of Jeddah, at Latitude 28° 21’ North and Longitude 39° 10’ East, in the largest and most important port city on the Red Sea, and is a natural and crucial link in the global logistics chain.

The Red Sea is one of the world’s major maritime trade lanes, linking the Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Over 30% of global container trade passes through the Red Sea, which serves as a passage between the Arabian Sea and Mediterranean Sea (via the Suez Canal), providing a direct maritime trade route from Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and all of Asia.

Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP) is the busiest port in Saudi Arabia, serving as the primary logistics gateway for the Kingdom, as well as a key transshipment hub for the Middle East, and East Africa, handling approximately three quarters of all of the nation’s seaborne imports. Ranked among the 40-busiest container ports worldwide, with 58 berths, the port is able to accommodate a wide spectrum of specialized cargoes, as well as bulk, general and containerized shipments, with world-class operational service and expertise.

Quick Facts
Million sqm of area covered
Million TEU handling capacity
of world’s largest quay cranes
Billion USD up to 2050
Meters Quay Length
Meters Depth