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On the Red Sea and in the middle of the main Asia-Middle East-Europe international shipping route lies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s commercial capital - Jeddah, the largest and most important port city on the Red Sea basin.

A Strategic LOCATION for world-trade and an Ideal Gateway to the markets that have outperform the world average

Over 30% of the world’s container volume passes through the Red Sea basin every year.

Jeddah once a fishing hamlet enjoys historical importance as the gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Its significance increased as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed propelling the city, whose economy once depended on pilgrims and fishing, to become the second most important city of Saudi Arabia as well as one of the region’s largest port.

Praise be to God, who has made the port of Jeddah the best of ports… Of more than a dozen ports that have served merchants, pilgrims and navies all along the 2300km Red Sea route linking Asia & Europe, it is Jeddah that has best stood the test of time.

Ahmad ibn Faraj, 16th century Hijazi chronicler writing about his native city

Value Added Tax

Dear Customer,

As announced by department of taxation the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have VAT (Value Added Tax) implementation starting January 01, 2018.

The department of taxation (GAZT) have already started to collect data on the company registration for VAT filing and returns. The deadline for registration is December 28, 2017

Kindly find Red Sea Gateway Terminal Certificate of Registration: VAT registration certificate and please share with us copy of your respected company registration at

Alternatively, please feel free and ask us at: ­­­­ and we will endeavor to give you further insight much as possible

Appreciate your quick response and thank you for support



At RSGT we understand that for you to manage your business, you need instant answers to your logistic queries, 24 hours a day. That’s why we have created our e-services “e-track” and “e-TOD (CFS)” offering instant access to your vital information via our website.

E-track Our web enabled application that provides vital tracking information for all our terminal stakeholders, including shipping lines, agents, trucking companies and consignees. Allowing them direct access, to monitor and act upon data relevant to their operations.

This includes:
  • Vessel schedules and berth information
  • Container details, status and history
  • Gate activity
  • Truck transactions
  • 24//7 easy access for our clients and customers to US via the internet.
  • Fast response to requests.
  • Reduction of the paperwork.
  • Feedback facility

For General Inquiries Contact:

Customer Services Department

Telephone: +966 2627-3111


OCR Smart Gate

To relieve the potential bottlenecks which may occur at the entry and exit gates of container terminals, RSGT has implemented a ‘Smart Gate System’. This optical character recognition (OCR) and process automation solutions includes OCR for container and license plate recognition, damage inspection imaging, driver interaction kiosks and gate operating system

Key features and benefits:
  • Minimising truck processing time
  • Maximising gate and terminal 
  • Improving efficiency; speed and security
Vessel Schedule

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RSGT Web Access